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As you may be aware, Origins is now part of the Findmypast family. You can now browse all Origins records alongside many millions more at Findmypast. Head to and use the promotional code ORIGINS1 to browse millions of records for a special price of just £1.
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You can also continue to explore all our records here at Origins until early 2015.
Viewing Images and Maps on images are TIFF format. Browsers require a plug-in or add-on to display these images. Without a plug-in or add-on you will be unable to view images in your browser. currently has two image viewing methods available - Java ImageViewer, and AlternaTIFF. See details below on how to set your Image Viewing Preference to one of these methods.

Note: From June 2012 all new image collections, plus British Origins Image Library, Irish Origins Image Library, and Elphin Census Parish Lists are only viewable using the ImageViewer. If you have AlternaTIFF selected, new collections and publications will be displayed using ImageViewer.

For Help using the viewers and setting your preferences see the links and instructions below:
Setting your Image Viewing Preference
You can set your Image Viewing Preference to either of the above image viewing methods. To do this follow the steps below:
  1. Login to your account
  2. On logged in Home page, click Manage your Account
  3. Scroll down to Image Viewing Preferences, and click Edit Preferences link
  4. On Edit Image Viewer Preferences page check the radio button of your preferred image viewing method
  5. Click Update to save your changes.
Once your preferences have been set then all images will be displayed using your selected method (please note exceptions above). You can change preferences at any time using the steps above and selecting your preferred method from the radio buttons.